'Descendants of the Sun' season 2 latest news, speculations: Actor Song Joon Ki confirms show's sequel?

(KBS Official Website)Promotional image for KBS drama "Descendants of the Sun"

The hopes of "Descendants of the Sun" fans for the drama's sequel once again rose, and it is all due to a photo posted by the show's lead actor, Song Joon Ki, on a social media site.

The actor posted a photo of him on set on his Instagram account. It showed him holding a plastic gun from a scene which took place in an early episode of "Descendants of the Sun." In that episode, he used toys from a store to try to stop a child from stealing. The posted photo was taken by fans as confirmation that the sequel to the drama will finally become a reality.

Song Joon Ki played Captain Yoo Si Jin, a military officer who fell in love with an army doctor, Yoon Myeong-Joo, played by Song Hye Ko. The love story in the midst of war was a great hit across the world, making "Descendants of the Sun" one of the most popular dramas today and catapulting both actors to greater fame.

The sequel is said to feature the married life of the characters of Song Joon Ki and Song Hye Ko. Also rumored to be involved in the project are Lee Min Ho and his girlfriend, Suzy Bae. However, none of the actors have confirmed or denied their involvement in this project. Similarly, the show's producer has not given a statement if the show will get a new season.

Rumors of a "Descendants of the Sun" sequel surfaced almost immediately after the drama ended. However, it is said that the project was delayed due to the busy schedules of the lead actors. As such, there is also talk that while the show may get a second season, the actors will be replaced.

In other news, Song Joon Ki is said to be a contender for an award at the 2017 Korean Producer Awards.

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