Eminem new album 2017 release date, speculations: Rapper headlining at music festival means new album is coming soon?

(Facebook/Eminem)Screenshot from Eminem's collaboration with Rihanna, "The Monster"

Eminem announced last year that he is currently working on a new album. However, he has since remained quiet about this project, fueling people's suspicions that his music will not be coming out soon.

In a HipHopDX interview with Stat Quo, who was formerly an artist of Shady Records, he said that he heard from his old label that Eminem is now working on a new album.

Another confirmation that the album is coming out is the announcement that the rapper will be one of the headliners during the Reading and Leeds festivals, which will be held from August 25 to 27. This is a logical assumption, given that it would not make sense to feature an artist who has not released any new material in a while to headline a major music festival. This will be the third time he will be performing there. He also headlined in the festival in 2001 and 2013. He had released new albums in both instances.

The schedule of the festival has also made people speculate that Eminem's new album will be coming out in the third quarter of 2017. This would mean releasing his record right before the festival, which makes the attendees eagerly anticipate his performance of his new music.

For a celebrity who was known for regularly making headlines, Eminem has kept his head down for the past years. His last album, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," was released back in 2013, although he occasionally surfaced to collaborate with other artists and to deliver a scathing diatribe against a political candidate.

One of his projects during his break from using is a couple of collaborations with Carhartt, a clothing brand. His work there involved producing limited-edition items to help fund their campaign for spreading literacy through songwriting.

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