'Fairy Tail' chapters 506, 507 spoilers: Mavis to lead guild to victory; Erza stops Gray and Natsu's fight

(Kodansha Comics official website)"Fairy Tail" is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima and has been serialized on the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine since 2006.

Will Makarov's sacrifice be in vain?

"Fairy Tail" chapter 506 showed the guild in mourning as the truth of Makarov's death slowly settled into their minds. Chapter 507 will surely feature how the guild will retaliate against the forces of the Alvarez Empire.

Although Makarov's passing also took out a huge chunk of the empire's army, the powerful blast did not hurt any of the remaining Spriggan 12. Their leader, Zeref, remained confident that their victory was still a foregone conclusion.

However, Makarov's death seemed to lead his team to a gradual awakening. Mavis is now ready to lay down the plan she formulated and give the entire guild a chance to survive the battle without losing their lives. Erza's grief may just be what Gray and Natsu need to stop their ongoing death match.

GameNGuide speculated that Zeref and what remained of his elite army Spriggan 12 will also be ready to launch the final attack on the Fairy Tail Guild. Since it was revealed that the knowledge of executing Fairy Law was passed down from Zeref to Mavis and then to Makarov, the leader of the Alvarez Empire may be hiding a stronger ace up his sleeves. After all, a master doesn't always teach his student the strongest, most powerful technique in his arsenal. Will Zeref show the guild an attack more devastating that Makarov's Fairy Law?

Additionally, "Fairy Tail" chapter 507 may also show just how strong Erza can be, since she just managed to block Gray and Natsu's attacks without getting hurt. Will her grief bring out her full potential as a fighter and give her the strength to knock Gray and Natsu out before they end up killing each other? Or will seeing her tears be enough to snap the two warring mages back to their senses?

On the other hand, Yibada predicted that chapter 507 titled "Voice" will feature Mavis' true strength and skills as a first guild master. She may be able to bring together the Fairy Tail guild to take one final stand against Zeref and his crew.

The next chapter of the Japanese manga series "Fairy Tail" will be out next week on the "Weekly Shounen Jump." Some of the questions left by this week's installment shall be answered.

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