'Fallout 4' DLC release date, news, update: More content packs expected after 'Nuka World?'

(Bethesda)A promotional image for the sixth and last downloadable content title for "Fallout 4."

Bethesda has repeatedly mentioned in the past that "Nuka World" will be the very last downloadable content pack for the hit first-person shooter video game "Fallout 4." There has been a total of six expansion packs released for the game title, although the recent rumors suggest that there might be a surprise eighth DLC pack coming soon.

If "Nuka World" was indeed the last content pack for "Fallout 4," then it means that the "Fallout" series has officially ended. However, according to iDigital Times, there is a chance that the series will be continued by the next DLC pack. This came from a suspicious Steam DB page that was recently updated. A particular fan noticed that the listing in the said Steam page is called "Steam DB Unknown App," and the last time of the update was nine days ago. Normally, this signals the arrival of a new downloadable pack for a video game.

However, Bethesda executive Pete Hines downplayed the ongoing rumors of an upcoming "Fallout 4" expansion set. As reported by iTech Post, he reiterated that "Nuka World" will remain to be the last content pack for "Fallout 4," and there are no plans to continue the game with a follow-up expansion. Interestingly, he acknowledged the existence of the Steam web page that started all the rumors of an impending DLC release.

There are other explanations for the mysterious Steam page for an unknown "Fallout 4" DLC. It was explained that the Steam DB listing may be a way for Bethesda to prepare for the "Game of the Year" edition of "Fallout 4," but it does not necessarily mean that Steam is preparing for another downloadable content to arrive. This is within the realm of possibility, as Bethesda has also released a "Game of the Year" edition for "Fallout 3." Still, it is better to wait for Bethesda's official announcement before anticipating any content pack or special game edition of "Fallout 4."

"Fallout 4" is playable on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

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