'For Honor' news: New emotes released; players outraged at cost

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The March 16 update of "For Honor" came in the form of new combat emotes for each class, but players were not exactly thrilled about what it would entail to actually get these.

The problem lies with the in-game currency called Steel. Players earn Steel by completing Orders, which can differ in terms of difficulty. Each order will net players 1,000 Steel, while combat will reward them with 200 Steel. The new emotes cost 7,000 Steel each, which means players would need to do a lot of Orders if they want to collect all the new emotes.

While it is possible to use real money to buy the in-game currency, players consider the cost too steep, especially since they actually purchased "For Honor" already. Furthermore, the new emotes, while they are amusing, are actually not critical in-game. In addition to that, the in-game store only offers two Steel packages: 5,000 and 11,000. This has led to even more frustration for players since they will need to buy a higher package even if they only need 7,000 for a single hero.

According to a Reddit user, unlocking a single hero, complete with its accouterment (outfits, ornaments, emotes, effects, and executions), will cost a player 91,500 Steel. Since there are currently 12 heroes in "For Honor," players will then need to grind for several days if they want to complete all the accessories and animations, as all these cost 1,098,000 Steel. Once the new DLC rolls out, with six more heroes being added to the roster, players will then need to earn 1,647,000 Steel to acquire all in-game items. PC GamesN estimates that a casual player will need 3.76 years to collect all these without spending real money.

The problem is that Steel is not just used for accessories and animations. The in-game currency is also needed to purchase gear, which is actually necessary for boosting stats. In fact, "For Honor" requires players to upgrade their gear and weapons to stay on par against opponents. As such, players will need to grind even more to get all the items.

Some gamers do not consider this as a problem, saying that the new emotes are not important, so they are not required to actually invest in these. Nonetheless, some have expressed their frustration over the issue. This situation has led some players to call out Ubisoft for featuring a "free-to-play" system for "For Honor," which should not be the case given that they actually purchased the game in the first place.

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