'Jane the Virgin' season 3 episode 2 spoilers: Michael's fate not final; Rogelio hits American TV scene

(Greg Gayne/The CW)A still from "Jane the Virgin"

The next episode of "Jane the Virgin" season 3 will allow fans to get a bigger picture of the happenings in the life of Jane (Gina Rodriguez).

Michael (Brett Dier) has survived, but that does not mean he is off the hook of the Grim Reaper. As the narrator before, Michael believed he and Jane will be together "for as long as [he] lived, and until he drew his very last breath."

"I will say it's a reliable narrator, and we're going to be dealing with that," executive producer Jennie Urman teased to TVLine.

"The healing and recovery from such a traumatic event is something we continue to play [with]," It has lasting ramifications for the character, which you'll start to see [in terms of] when he can return to work, if he can return to work, how his life is changed as a result of this. It takes him in a new direction," she added.

"Jane the Virgin" season 3 episode 2 will actually see Michael better than ever. However, fans would not want to get attached to that view as this might end soon.

Meanwhile, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is preparing for his jump to the American television scene in "Jane the Virgin" season 3 episode 2 and he proves just how American he is by saying the "right thing."

It was said before that Rogelio will fight for the chance to star in the American remake of his telenovela "The Passions of Santos," the new version being titled "The Passions of Steve."

Meanwhile, "Jane the Virgin" season 3 episode 2 will also see Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Jane struggle to find middle ground in determining the best preschool for their child Mateo.

Urman said that Rafael's attitude will be very different in "Jane the Virgin" season 3 making for extra drama this season. He will start to date again, but now, he will need Jane's approval as the women he will date will at some point deal with Mateo.

Apart from that, Rafael will also face the wrath of Anezka (Yael Grobglas) in "Jane the Virgin" season 3 episode 2 as she tries to "find dirt" on him.

"Jane the Virgin" season 3 episode 2 will air Wednesday, Oct. 24 at p.m. EDT on The CW.

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