Lena Dunham praises abortionist who professes to be Christian

(YouTube/TEDx Talks)Dr. Willie Parker appears in a screen capture of a video from TEDx Talks.

Actress Lena Dunham has praised an abortionist who believes that it is part of his Christian calling to perform abortions on the poor.

Dr. Willie Parker, who initially refused to perform abortions in the first half of his career as an OB-GYN, recently wrote a book titled "Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice," in which he detailed how he changed his stance from being pro-life to pro-choice.

Dunham, who recently caught backlash for saying she wished she had an abortion, wrote a review of Parker's book in the weekly online feminist newsletter, Lenny. In the review, she hailed Parker as "the pro-choice hero we need."

"I have been amazed by Dr. Parker's work: his heroism in comforting women who are, like him, religious and, unlike him, deeply afraid," Dunham wrote, while noting that the African-American abortionist travels throughout the South to perform abortions for "women who would not otherwise have access due to changing laws and terrified doctors."

According to Breitbart News, the actress went on to say that she was honored to "donate to [Parker's] abortion fund for the South" and urged her readers to consider one of the "wealth of ways to support women with dwindling access to abortion."

In the book, Parker detailed how he initially refused to perform abortions, but he changed his views after working at an outpatient clinic for indigent people in Hawaii and saw what happened when abortions stopped being provided.

He said that he was inspired to perform abortions by Martin Luther King's final sermon, "I've Been to the Mountaintop."

The abortion doctor accepts that the fetus is alive, but he contended that life does not begin at conception. "Life is a process. It is not a switch that turns on in an instant, like an electric light," he wrote.

Conservative Christian leaders have denounced Parker's claim that abortion is part of his calling as a Christian.

Evangelical theologian Russell Moore expressed his concern over Parker's "nonchalance" to abortion, which he also tries to impart on his patients by praising those who are unmoved by the ultrasound of their unborn baby.

Moore argued that the abortion doctor's attempts to dehumanize the unborn child is much like trying to "dehumanize Jesus," noting that The Gospel of Luke introduced Jesus, as well as John the Baptist, as an unborn child.

Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham has also spoken out against Parker's argument that he is helping women like a "good Samaritan." He contended that the parable of Good Samaritan teaches people to love their neighbors and that nothing in the story can be used to "justify murder."

"What Parker's doing is ignoring that abortion is murder and saying that he's just helping women, like a 'good Samaritan.' But is helping women commit a sinful act that goes completely against God's Word really helping them? No," Ham stated.

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