Mariam Ibraheem denounces Saeed Abedini's tirade against evangelical leaders

(Reuters/Remo Casilli)Mariam Yahya Ibrahim of Sudan (R) holds one of her children next to Lapo Pistelli (L), Italy's vice minister for foreign affairs, holding her other child, as they land at Ciampino airport in Rome July 24, 2014.

Mariam Ibraheem, a Sudanese Christian who was sentenced to death for her faith in 2014, has expressed her disappointment over Saeed Abedini's public criticisms directed against evangelical leaders.

"I am disappointed by the way that Saeed Abedini [is] handling his issues with some people (pastors, churches leaders, NGOs and others)," said Ibraheem in an email to The Christian Post.

"We are so grateful for what has been done for us from those people. They did a lot of work for us and they are doing more," she added.

Abedini, an Idaho pastor who was imprisoned in Iran for over three years for being involved in a house church movement, has recently posted a number of Facebook messages to complain about the current jobless situation that he is facing.

Following his recent divorce with his now ex-wife, Naghmeh Panahi, he made several social media posts targeting not only his former spouse but also prominent religious leaders such as Franklin Graham and George O. Wood, head of the Assemblies of God.

Abedini claimed that Graham took advantage of his imprisonment for media attention but did very little to help him when he returned to the U.S. in January 2016.

In another social media post, Abedini accused Wood of having the "Spirit of Jezebel" when the church leader refused his request to repent for his compassion toward Panahi.

Ibraheem, who was sentenced to death in May 2014 after she married a Christian man while being a daughter of a Muslim, said that she is disheartened to see Abedini publicly divulge his personal issues on social media.

The 29-year-old mother suggested that Abedini has to find a better way to deal with his personal situation, adding that it is crucial for the pastor to remember that no one is perfect and everyone needs forgiveness.

"[E]ven if many things are bad, they are human beings and they can make mistakes. There is something called forgiveness and this is what JESUS taught us," said Ibraheem, who was freed in June 2014 and now lives in the U.S.

"If we are willing to forgive our enemies, [we] also need to forgive our brothers and sisters in Christ," she added.

Abedini's social media post against Graham had prompted the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) to sever its relationship with the Idaho pastor.

In a Facebook post on April 11, Abedini revealed that he received an email from Reza Safa of TBN Nejat Television explaining that his criticism of Graham "is not appreciated by us here at TBN and Nejat TV."

Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel, which has raised $200,000 for Abedini's family while he was in prison, has filed a lawsuit to determine whether the money should be given to Abedini or his ex-wife.

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