'One Punch Man' Season 2 release date, spoilers: Saitama's strongest foe, hero's heightened powers to be featured in anime's most power-packed season yet?

(YouTube/Toonami)A screenshot of Saitama from the "One Punch Man" season 1 English dub trailer

The excitement around "One Punch Man" season 2 is greater than ever now that the return of Saitama to the small screen has been confirmed.

The rumor mills is also more active than ever in churning out details on what to expect in the new season of the beloved anime series based on the bestselling manga of the same name by ONE and Yusuke Murata.

There are rumors going around that Lord Boros will return for a rematch even after Saitama has already defeated him. He is persistent to beat the yellow-clad hero, and he will reportedly try again in "One Punch Man" season 2.

Lord Boros has already accepted his defeat, but this is either a ploy for something else that he is planned. However, with no reports to corroborate this yet, fans will have to just wait and see.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Saitama will get stronger in "One Punch Man" season 2. There is no confirmation about this yet, but looking at how powerful his punch is, the hero getting stronger will make him almost unbeatable.

This would mean trouble for Lord Boros, if he gets back at his enemy at the time he acquires greater clout and strength. However, someone out there might be able to actually challenge him.

"One Punch Man" season 2 is expected to see the arrival of Garou, the only known villain who actually has what it takes to deflect or at least survive one punch from Saitama.

If Garou is indeed coming in the next season, fans will be in for the most action-packed season of the anime yet. Saitama has always wanted to be challenged during battles, and Garou might be the guy who will do the job.

"One Punch Man" season 2 has no release date yet although it is reportedly coming early next year. A mobile game will also be launched alongside it.

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