'Overwatch' DLC release date, news, rumors: Sombra to be officially announced as playable character this week

(Facebook/Overwatch)Promotional image for the video game "Overwatch"

It was earlier reported that the mysterious character, Sombra, will be included in the roster of "Overwatch" as a playable DLC character. As of now, there are hints that Blizzard Entertainment is about to release Sombra as an additional content for the multiplayer first-person shooter video game. The big reveal is expected to happen as early as this week.

The latest content posted on A Moment In Crime website suggests that Sombra will finally make an appearance in "Overwatch" within the next two days. The said new content in the website is a box that has the word "Completion" written on it. The box is said to be a counter, showing how many more days remain before it reaches 100%. As of writing, the counter is showing 1 day, 14 hours, and 12 minutes.

Moreover, there is a message at the middle part of the web page, stating "It seems that things are warming up a little... gotta go unnoticed while it completes". This mysterious website dedicated to "Overwatch" is said to update the fans about the latest developments of Sombra's arrival in the game.

The rumors about Sombra arriving as early as this week may be true after all, as Blizzard will be having this year's Blizzcon event soon, and the game studio may finally reveal the details about the much-awaited content pack for "Overwatch." Game director Jeff Kaplan also revealed  that a new "Overwatch" hero will be introduced in the game very soon, iTech Post reported. Kaplan did not reveal the identity of the new hero they are working on, but the ongoing rumors about Sombra led the fans to believe that the game director is talking about Sombra.

Several artwork leaks of the character's design and appearance have already circulated online. One of the leaked images include a picture of Sombra resembling a Latina woman with a unique hairstyle and special warrior costume. Sombra is shown to have a purple trenchcoat and an Uzi-like submachine gun.

Aside from Sobra, other DLC characters are rumored to arrive in the game very soon. The next DLC update of "Overwatch" may also include Athena, but there are not enough details to confirm the character's arrival in the game. 

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