'Percy Jackson 3' latest news: Book series unlikely to get film or TV adaptation soon, says author

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Rick Riordan, the author of the "Percy Jackson" series, has given a definitive answer regarding the issue of whether the third novel will have either a film or a television adaptation. Unfortunately for fans, his answer is "neither."

In his website, the author said that the rights to adapt the series into film or television is owned exclusively by Fox, and the company has not expressed any intent to continue the story in either medium.

He said: "The rights for television/film to do anything involving Percy's world, including sequels like 'Heroes of Olympus' and 'Trials of Apollo' are owned solely and forever by Fox. As far as I am aware, which is not very far, they have no plans to do anything further with those rights." He added that the company refused to sell the rights to a different film or television outfit. This means that unless Fox management decides to change their mind about producing a new "Percy Jackson" adaptation, it does not look like fans of the series will be able to see their demi-gods on screen anytime soon.

However, Riordan said in the same post that while there is no chance to see his characters in television and film, it does not mean that they cannot see them at all. He announced on his blog that the "The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical" will be performed off-Broadway starting March 23. The show will run until May 6. Riordan said on his Twitter account that the production was made to "make book fans happy."

He also announced that he has several books due to come out this year. One is the second book of "The Trials of Apollo," titled "The Dark Prophecy," which will come out on May 2. Another book that will be released on that date is "Camp Half-Blood Confidential." Which will give readers a peek at the lives of the demigods trained there. The last book is the third Norse mythology-inspired Magnus Chase novel, titled "The Ship of the Dead," which will be released on Oct. 3.

Fans have been demanding for Riordan's works to be adapted on screen, with some even signing petitions to lobby for this.

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