Perry Noble confesses he had difficulty believing that Christ loves him

(YouTube/Elevation Church)Perry Noble appears in a screen capture of a video of his sermon at Elevation Church.

Former NewSpring Church Pastor Perry Noble has admitted that he had difficulties believing that Jesus Christ loves him because of the mistakes he had made in the past.

In a Facebook video posted on Sunday, Noble confessed that he had no problem believing that Jesus loves other people, but he struggled to believe that he is loved by Christ.

He noted that he saw examples of "difficult" people in the Bible, but Jesus still loved them.

"I read the Bible, and I see 'difficult' people in the Scriptures that Jesus loved: David was a murderer, Peter denied Christ, Thomas doubted Him, and Jesus still loved all these people," said Noble.

However, he said that he still had a "really hard time" believing that Jesus loves him because of what he has done in the past.

"The reason I have a difficult time believing that Jesus loves me, is because I know all of the stupid, foolish, sinful things that I have done. Not only that, but I also know the stupid, foolish, sinful things that I have thought about doing, but haven't done," the former pastor explained.

Noble narrated that he had received text messages in the past 48 hours from people who do not know each other telling him that God loves him.

He then shared a message to his followers who believe they have "gone too far, sinned one too many times," telling them that Jesus loves them and wants them to change, but they do not have to earn His love.

The former pastor explained that God knows everything that people are going to do and He has already "arranged payment" for the sins people are going to commit.

Noble, who was fired from NewsSpring last summer due to alcoholism, went back to the pulpit earlier this month to preach at Elevation Church. In his comeback message, the former pastor said that spending time at the rehabilitation center in Tucson was the "closest to Hell" that he has ever been to in his life.

He recounted that about the fourth night of his time at the facility, he felt that he was at his lowest point, so he decided to go for a walk. It was during that time that he felt like God spoke directly to him.

"I never will forget watching the sunset and it's the closest I've ever come to hearing God audibly whisper to me, 'I'm not finished with you yet,'" he narrated.

Noble revealed his plans to get back in the ministry in November, but he said that serving as a pastor at his former church is no longer an option for him. He said that he has decided to become a church and business consultant and use his 16 years of experience at NewSpring to "encourage, challenge and advance" other ministries.

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