'Pokemon Diamond and Pearl' news: 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' trailer hints at remakes

(Pokemon Website)Promotional image for "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl"

Though it has been years since Game Freak and Nintendo launched the "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl," new rumors about the titles' renewal have recently been circulating. In a trailer for the latest additions to the franchise, "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the developers reportedly hinted at the remake.

The "Pokemon Diamond" version and "Pokemon Pearl" version were launched in the U.S. in 2007. According to reports, the remake will feature modernized elements. The games will reportedly have a 3D look and it will feature the Distortion World, Arceus, Stark Mountain and Bidoof.

A few of the hints that convinced gamers that "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl" will be remade are the color schemes that have appeared in the recent teasers. Blue and pink have constantly appeared in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" teasers. The pre-battle scenes featuring the three Skull members are set on a blue and pink background placed over a black back drop.

Furthermore, a new Pokemon from the "Sun and Moon" versions called Silvally is similar to the Pokemon Arceus. The God Pokemon Arceus was introduced along with the fourth generation of critters. The Pokemon has an ability called multitype which allows users to manipulate Arceus' type based on the particular items it is holding.

Silvally, on the other hand, has the multi-attack ability which is similar to Arceus'. Both moves give off similar effects. Hence, many believe that the new Pokemon is the latest version of Arceus.

Game Freak has yet to confirm that remakes for "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl" are currently in development. Fans should treat the latest reports as speculation until proven otherwise.

"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" are expected to launch on Nov. 18. Meanwhile, a demo version was released on Oct. 18.

Watch out for more developments on Game Freak's "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl."


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