'Resident Evil 7' news: Game director dismisses rumor about Chris Redfield's appearance in latest game

(Resident Evil 7)An in-game screenshot from "Resident Evil 7"

"Resident Evil 7" offered a lot of scares and surprises for players. One of the biggest shocks that they got, however, was when a character calling himself "Redfield" appeared at the end of the game to extract the protagonist, Ethan, from the scene.

The last scene in the game showed the two riding a helicopter with an Umbrella Corporation logo. The only male Redfield to have appeared in the survival horror game series so far is Chris Redfield, so gaming fans were shocked to find out that the character, who actually fought against Umbrella Corporation, would end up allied with the bioweapons company. As such, some speculate that the man who stepped out from the aircraft only impersonated the original character. Some even pointed out that the man looked quite different compared to Chris Redfield's appearance in "Resident Evil 6."

However, Koushi Nakanishi, the director of "Resident Evil 7," dismissed these speculations. In a post on the Capcom Japan website, which was translated by Eurogamer, he said that the man at the end of the game is, in fact, Chris Redfield. He also explained that the reason for his change in appearance in the game is to better match the look and feel of "Resident Evil 7."

Chris Redfield has a long, antagonistic relationship with the Umbrella Corporation. He, along with his colleagues in Raccoon City Police Special Tactics And Rescue Service's (STARS), discovered that the organization was experimenting with biological weapons in the first game. He has since made a career of fighting organizations, such as Umbrella Corporation, that thrive on spreading chaos through bioterrorism. He even formed a UN-sanctioned paramilitary group with his long-time partner Jill Valentine. The two were also instrumental in bringing down Umbrella Corporation, as seen in the "Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles."

He is set to appear once again in the upcoming "Resident Evil 7" downloadable content (DLC), "Not a Hero." Fans are expecting that this will reveal the story behind the character's new alliance with Umbrella Corporation. The DLC will be released this spring, although the exact date has not been revealed yet.

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