'Street Fighter V' rumors and updates: Halloween DLC and arcade mode in the works?

(Facebook/Street Fighter)Promotional image for the Capcom video game "Street Fighter 5"

No games have made its mark in the fighting genre like Capcom's "Street Fighter." As of now, the current incarnation of the franchise is "Street Fighter V," and rumor has it that the developers are working on an arcade mode that fans have been asking about; also, to get into the spirit of Halloween, a Halloween downloadable content (DLC) pack is coming to the game to give it some interesting spice.

According to Vesper Arcade, the DLC contains some premium Halloween costumes for seven different characters specifically Ryu, Cammy, Nash, Juri, Alex, Vega and Necalli. The developers have also tweaked the Russia stage and gave it a Halloween vibe with jack-o-lanterns, gravestones and candles.

The stage costs up to $1.99 and each costume is said to cost $4.00 each. The deal is available from Oct. 11 to Nov. 29, so fans who want to collect all of the costumes better move quick if they want to get everything.

Some fans are still left a bit bummed because the game doesn't come with a full package of the special stage and costumes. Buying all of the content may cost close to $30.

In other news, a NeoFighter forum has leaked an image of a prototype arcade mode for the game. Though details weren't specific, the image shows different arcade options for players like "Arcade" and "Extra Battle" (which may refer to "Extra Mode").

A lot of different patch updates have also been reported, and it will feature some special missions that are specific to certain characters. There will be different story modes and survival modes, and gamers can also play battle lounge missions which will get them special loot.

No official release for the patches has been announced, but the Halloween-themed DLC will be available until Nov. 29.


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