Xbox Scorpio release date news update: Microsoft to release Project Scorpio early 2017?

Microsoft earlier announced that they will be unveiling the enhanced version of the Xbox One console. Particularly, the company has been developing the Project Scorpio to come up with an improved gaming system that boasts more impressive features than the current generation of Xbox. If the latest rumors are anything to go by, the much awaited Xbox One Scorpio will be out sometime next year.

(Microsoft Store)The new Xbox One S 2TB featuring a 40 percent smaller design and 4K Ultra HD.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the exact release date of the Xbox Project Scorpio, but they have been sharing brief details about what to expect in the improved system of the Xbox One. Recently, the company unveiled the Xbox One S to the public, impressing the tech and game enthusiasts with its unique design. However, the expectations are far higher for the Xbox One Scorpio, as Microsoft has advertised it to bring the present gaming to a whole new level.

PC Advisor reported that the Xbox One Scorpio will be released early 2017. Upon its release, the console is expected to boast a virtual reality (VR) support feature that will make the most popular game titles today into a thrilling virtual reality experience. Also, the Xbox One Scorpio is speculated to support full 4K resolution in playing video games.

The Xbox's top rival, Sony's PlayStation, is also having a huge makeover with its current PlayStation 4 console. Called the PlayStation 4 Pro, the enhanced home console model from Sony is expected to boast many features that the Xbox's Project Scorpio may also have. Nonetheless, Microsoft remains positive that the outcome of their Project Scorpio will be positive, even with the PlayStation 4 Pro standing in their way.

In a recent interview of Xbox executive Phil Spencer with Japanese magazine Famitsu (via PlayStation Lifestyle), he expressed no worries that the upcoming PS4 Pro will affect the performance of the Xbox One Scorpio in the future. Even though he said that the upgraded PS4 "has a firm grasp of the current games market," Microsoft wants to take their time to develop a satisfying gaming technology with the Project Scorpio.

"I have no worries at all. We understand that the PlayStation 4 Pro has a firm grasp of the current game market but we want to spend more time understanding the market and the ins and outs of future technology in order to create a system with a true sense of 4K gaming," said Spencer.

"We want to sit down and get to know each and every component going into the console and how we can perfect it showing the best gaming can offer," he added.

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