British TV host calls Christian guest's stance on sexuality 'abhorrent'

(YouTube/Christian Concern)Andrea Williams appears in the screen capture of a video from Christian Concern

A British TV host has labeled a Christian guest's stance on sexuality "utterly abhorrent" during a discussion about a teacher who was disciplined for "misgendering" a pupil.

Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, appeared on ITV's "This Morning" earlier this week to discuss the situation of Oxfordshire secondary school teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe, who was recently suspended for accidentally referring to a female pupil as a girl even though the student identified as male.

During the interview with hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Sutcliffe revealed that the incident had led to a three-day investigation, with a disciplinary meeting still to come.

The 27-year-old teacher had previously admitted that he had avoided using male pronouns such as "he" and "him," and had decided to use the pupil's chosen first name.

Sutcliffe, who is also a pastor at an evangelical church in Oxford, had contended that he did not feel that he should be forced to use such pronouns, as it would be a violation of his human rights.

The teacher told Schofield and Willoughby that he felt his treatment was unfair because he believes policies should be influenced by biology rather than what he sees as an ideology.

Following the brief discussion on Sutcliffe's suspension, the conversation moved on to a wider argument about homosexuality between Williams and Schofield.

Williams explained that instead of changing school rules, the "kindest thing" to do for children dealing with gender identity disorder is to help them "live in the body that they have."

Schofield then asked, "If they were homosexual would you help them not to be homosexual?"

Williams replied: "Very often when we see children identifying as homosexual, it is not good for them to live out in a such a lifestyle. It's not good for our children to be highly sexualised."

Schofield said that he was finding the interview "utterly abhorrent," and pointed out that even the Church of England supported the idea of allowing transgender pupils to wear the uniform they want.

Williams expressed her disagreement with the Church's stance and said, "Jesus Christ made it clear that we're made male and female, it's a beautiful thing."

The enraged TV host then ended the segment by saying the show would be returning to the year 2017 rather than "medieval Britain."

Williams also appeared on ITV's "Good Morning Britain" on Monday to discuss the Church of England's new guidance on allowing boys to dress in girl's clothing in school.

Controversial host Piers Morgan appeared to have defended those who disagreed with the new recommendations, saying: "I've got a six-year-old girl, she doesn't know what gender identity is, yet teachers are now asking a five-year-old child 'how are you feeling today? Do you feel male or female?' It's not about judgment, it's about having some sort of boundaries."

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