Tony Romo tells pastor he still has 'passion' to win Super Bowl

(Wikimedia Commons/Bigcats lair)Tony Romo during a game against Kansas City Chiefs in 2009.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has told Pastor Tony Evans that he still wants to win a Super Bowl despite rumors that he could be released from his contract or be traded to another team.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Romo is likely to be released if the Cowboys do not get a "strong trade" proposal from another team. However, ESPN reported that Romo is now expected to be traded to either the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans.

Evans, the pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and former Cowboys' chaplain, told NBCDFW that Romo is trusting God and said that he is ready to move on. The pastor revealed that Romo still wants to win a Super Bowl even if it is for another team.

The pastor expressed disappointment that Romo would be released by the Cowboys, but he said that he wants the departing Cowboys quarterback to be "free to pursue what his abilities will allow him to pursue as long as that passion is there."

Evans, one of the pastors who presided over Romo's wedding in 2011, stressed that Romo is still excited about football.

"Let's put it this way: His last words to me were, 'The passion is still there,'" the pastor said.

"He wants to know where he best fits. And wherever he best fits is where he wants to go because he wants to win. If he plays, he wants to win a Super Bowl. But he wants to be healthy for his family," he went on to say.

Evans disclosed that Romo was a good friend. The year after Romo's wedding, the football star donated $1 million to an adopt-a-school program started by Evans.

Romo, who has thrown for more than 34,000 yards with 247 touchdown passes and 117 interceptions, already has the numbers to qualify for a Hall of Fame spot.

However, his career took a dive last year after he got injured in the preseason. He was eventually replaced as the starting quarterback of the Cowboys by Dak Prescott, but he still kept his faith in Christ alive.

He said that his faith allows him to believe that he can continue to "grow as a person." "The grace I've received from the Lord and Jesus allows you to keep trying to get better," he added.

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