Amazing Christian revival in South Africa, says City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee

City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee (R) and his wife Sun Ho, also known as Ho Yeow Sun, arrive at the State Courts in Singapore. November 20, 2015 03:56am EST | Reuters/Edgar Su

City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee said he and his family were "blown away" by what they witnessed during their recent visit to Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kong shared it was their first time to visit the place, and they were amazed by the revival.

"Sun Ho (Official), Dayan and I have been so blown away during this first-ever ministry trip of ours to Soweto, a township of the city of Johannesburg in South Africa, which borders the city's mining belt in the south," Kong wrote in a Facebook post.

They spent a few days with the members of Grace Bible Church, which is pastored by Bishop Mosa Sono.

The megachurch pastor said that upon seeing the revivial in Soweto, something inside him "exploded." His wife Sun Ho felt the same thing.

"I am so blown away, I feel like I have exploded inside me, I feel like heaven and earth have met in this place. The glory of God is so amazing," Ho said in a video uploaded on Kong's Facebook page.

Kong commented that what his wife said described what they both felt: "We have exploded inside us."

He said the South African revival is "real," and many people are truly being saved. He added that he sensed an "openness and spiritual hunger for Jesus and His Word" in the place.

Earlier this year, Kong shared his desire to see a revival among the Muslims, particularly in the predominantly Muslim country Indonesia. Christianity is the second largest religion in Indonesia, Kong said, making it very ready for harvest.

"What a big harvest field Indonesia is. The number of Christians has grown from 1.3M to 24M in the past 40 years, making up approximately 10% of the country's population," Kong said.

The megachurch pastor is facing an eight-year prison term for fraud after a judge found him guilty of misusing more than $30 million in church funds. Kong has filed an appeal for the case.