Apple Seen Working on New iPad Pro with 12.9-Inch Screen, Force Touch and Stylus

(YOUTUBE)iPad Pro concept models.

Apple remains optimistic about the future of the iPad even though the demand for tablets has cooled down worldwide. Recently, speculations surfaced about a new and bigger iPad in the making. The device has been dubbed as the iPad Pro.

It's not certain though that Apple will be able to generate enthusiasm for the device by making it larger to take on tablet/laptop hybrids like the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft.

The latest leak about the iPad Pro originated from a source within the company and was reported by Apple Insider. According to the source, the new iPad Pro would come with a 12.9-inch screen with Force Touch and a "pressure-sensitive stylus."

Among the other rumored features in the iPad Pro is NFC technology which will allow it to be used as a terminal for processing Apple Pay payments. However, it's unlikely that the iPad Pro will have the "tap to pay" function. In addition, the inclusion of NFC technology will allow for the iPad Pro to be paired with a number of other accessories including its stylus.

The stylus could be a major shift for Apple because until now no device from the company has featured one mainly because Steve Jobs is known to be dead set against it. However, if Apple wants to compete with the tablet/laptop hybrids like the Surface Pro 3, industry analysts said it will have to consider providing a stylus as an accessory.

Cases for the iPad Pro have started appearing online. The cases give a hint on the design of the device, including the presence of a USB-C connector. Apple has already used the connector on its MacBook, and it appears likely that it will also find its way in the upcoming iPad Pro.

As for the release date for the iPad Pro, industry insiders say it could happen in June or in the fall when Apple releases new devices.

Apple, meanwhile, has launched a new microsite for the iPad which explains how the device could change the lives of people doing daily chores since the device will make doing daily tasks easier.

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