Apple Watch 2 release date, specs news 2016: Selfie camera feature possible

The public has been waiting for updates regarding the next edition of the Apple Watch, and even though Apple made no mention of the so-called Apple Watch 2 in the recently concluded Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 event last week, the rumors are still rife that the high-tech wristband technology will still appear in the near future. In fact, a patent application recently published online reveals the design of what many believe to be the Apple Watch 2. Based on the patent, the Apple Watch 2 may be sporting a selfie camera.

The Apple Watch by Apple | Apple

Trusted Reviews reported that Apple has allegedly submitted two patent applications for the next version of the Apple Watch. The patents are said to include new additional buttons for the Apple Watch, although the most interesting part of the design is the selfie camera. Specifically, Apple is said to incorporate an image sensor to Apple Watch 2, complete with working image lenses and an image storing software. The patent also shows that the camera in the wearable device can be mounted at the front so that the user can capture his own images.

Apple Watch 2 did not appear at WWDC this month, although many believe that the device will be out soon. There are speculations that Apple Watch 2 will be released in September, along with the other big Apple devices such as iPhone 7. Breathe CAST reported that the Apple Watch 2 will not be unveiled until the start of autumn this year, and it will be featuring more tools that were not present in the first Apple Watch launched in April last year. 

Breathe CAST also noted that Apple Watch 2 may still sport the same OLED display like the first Apple Watch although it is rumored that the supplier of Apple Watch's screen display will no longer be LG. Thus, the users can expect some changes regarding the over-all look of the new high-tech wrist watch. Moreover, Apple Watch 2 will be sporting new smart bands that will enable various features regarding health and sleep monitoring.