'Attack on Titan' Season 2 spoilers news: Larger titans coming next season; Major revelations, twists expected with arrival of Beast Titan

The highly popular anime series of this generation, "Attack on Titan" has been absent for almost two years since the conclusion of the first season in December 2014. Fortunately, it was confirmed that the second season of the series is already under production. The only problem for the mean time is how the events in the original "Attack on Titan" manga will spoil the upcoming events of the anime series' continuation. Almost everything in the manga series was adapted into the anime, and it is an issue for the fans if the events in Season 2 are something that they already know.

"Attack on Titan" or "Shingeki no Kyojin" will bring in more allies and villainous titans with the upcoming new season. | Shingeki No Kyojin website

iTech reported that "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will only select some portions of the original manga series' chapters. The viewers can expect that the creator of the anime will tweak some of the details from the manga so that they can avoid major spoilers from happening. Nevertheless, the terrifying new villains from the manga series is anticipated to arrive in the anime series' second season. 

Movie News Guide said that the upcoming villainous titan will be much bigger than the first season's gigantic monster called the Colossal Titan. This new titan is known as the Beast Titan, and aside from being the largest known titan in the world, he possesses an incredible intelligence that matches even that of an intelligent human being. This is very surprising as titans are known to be dull and have limited thinking capacity.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the focus of the second season of "Attack on Titan" will be the huge revolt against the royal family residing within the walls of Sheena. The reigning royal clan is the Reiss family, and people believe that they hold the secret to the titans' source of power, known as the "Coordinate." Online rumors spilled that aside from the introduction of the Beast Titan, who has the human alter-ego named Zeke, a member of the Survey Corps will be exposed as a member of the Reiss family. This is no other than Krista Lenz, also known by her birthname, Historia Lenz.