Christian pro-life film wins awards at secular film festivals

"Voiceless," a pro-life themed movie written and directed by Pat Necerato, has already won several awards from secular film festivals in America ahead of its official release in October.

The drama has been honored as the "Best Feature" at the Northeast Film Festival. It also won "Best Feature Film" at the California Independent Film Festival and the People's Choice for "Best Feature Film.

Pat Necerato, writer and director of "Voiceless" | Screen capture/Youtube/VoicelessTheMovie

While the movie is centered on pro-life issues, Necerato stated that the underlying theme is really about doing the right thing.

"We're using the pro-life message as a strong example in the film with the abortion clinic being across the street from a church and our main character trying to take a stand against that," Necerato told One News Now. "But the movie is really about his personal journey to have to get up the nerve and the guts to obey God and to take action and to take that stand," he added.

"We need to take a stand against evil and take a stand for God and not live a defeated attitude with the gospel, but a victorious attitude," Necerato continued.

"Voiceless" is scheduled to be shown in theaters across the U.S. on Oct. 7. The film is distributed by ArtAffects Entertainment. It stars Rusty Joiner as Jesse Dean, a discharged soldier who faces resistance from his own church and community when he confronts them about an abortion clinic right across the street from their parish.

The rest of the cast includes Jocelyn Cruz, James Russo, Paul Rodriguez, Brian Anthony Wilson, Christopher Mann, Susan Moses, Jeremiah DeMoss and more.

Co-executive producer Jason Jones started an online petition to add 100 theaters to the list last July after the Supreme Court ruled against a law in Texas that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges. The petition has been signed by 1,401 supporters with 3,599 more signatures needed.

Jones also worked on other pro-life films such as "Bella" and "Crescendo." Over 1,000 women have written to Jones expressing their decision to keep their baby after watching "Bella."