'Clash of Clans' 2016 update release date rumors: Biggest update slated to launch this month

Promotional image for "Clash of Clans" | Facebook/ClashofClans

Gamers are anxious about the forthcoming update of the massive multiplayer mobile game "Clash of Clans." The update will reportedly containing big changes to the game.

The "Clash of Clans" team has taken cheating very seriously. The developers have implemented new measures to prevent players from cheating. Moreover, players who were caught cheating have been banned or suspended. The Fair Play policy forced players to uninstall the game. Hence, Supercell is hoping to entice new players.

Supercell's game was recently overshadowed after Niantic released its augmented-reality mobile game "Pokemon Go." Many believe that the developers will be attempting to add an augmented-reality factor in the forthcoming update.

Sources say that the "Clash of Clans" September update will introduce changes to the looting and penalty system.

Reports suggest that this will be the biggest one yet. The "Clash of Clans" update will reportedly introduce a brand new game mode, following the Friendly Challenge, Single Player and Money Player modes.

Furthermore, players are expecting new balancing features. This will reportedly affect the Town Hall levels. Currently, players deal with Valkyries and miners in lower levels while higher ranking players will have to deal with hulk riders. In the update, players will now have to deal with a variety of these.

Free gem mining is one feature that players have constantly asked for. Since gamers were not able to see this in the previous update, many still expect the team to add it in the forthcoming one. Since the game developers earn profit when players purchase gems, this might once again be left out in the upcoming update.

Another well-requested feature will reportedly be introduced in the update. The developers will add the auto-save feature to help players save time.

The "Clash of Clans" update will reportedly be launched on Sunday, Sept. 18.