'Dance Moms' season 7 news update: Chloe Lukasiak will not return, occupied with other dance ventures

"Dance Moms" has already witnessed the exit of some excellent dance performers which include Chloe Lukasiak who bid goodbye to the reality show in its fourth season. This time in "Dance Moms" season 6, it is the Ziegler sisters Maddie and Mackenzie who have deserted the show for good. Given this turn of events, fans wonder if losing Maddie in the show will mean gaining Lukasiak back, this time as Maddie's replacement. Yet, they seem to be in for a rather different treat from Lukasiak as she stars in her own web series instead.

A performance in "Dance Moms." | Lifetime

Lukasiak is not coming back to "Dance Moms" season 7 to "replace" Maddie in spite of the speculations running around about the danseuse's supposed reappearance on the reality show. According to The Bitbag, these speculations by fans stemmed from Lukasiak's strings of posts on her Instagram account teasing about an upcoming project. Fans interpreted these posts to have been alluding to a comeback on "Dance Moms" season 7 together with the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), just in time for Maddie's departure from the show.

Amid all the rumors, Lukasiak ultimately cleared the air when she revealed that the project she is working on is her new web series titled "Dance Classes With Chloe" wherein she will be sharing dance tips, tricks, and even core workout routine. The 10-episode series will also offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her life as a child and as a dancer as well as the preparation she and the production team go through prior to actual filming. Her videos of dance tutorials will be available online via subscription on OwnZones.com.

Lukasiak seems to have a lot on her plate at the moment. As reported by the International Business Times, "Dance Classes With Chloe" is not the only project that keeps the young dancer busy. She is also posed to star together with actress Bailee Madison in a television film titled "Cowgirl's Story." Meanwhile, Lukasiak's first feature movie titled "Center Stage: On Pointe" is waiting to premiere on June 25 on Lifetime.