'Destiny 2' release date rumors: 2017 sequel undergoing 'reboot'; 'Rise of Iron' to drop in September?

A poster for the first-person shooter video game "Destiny." | Facebook/Destiny

"Destiny 2," the sequel to the popular first-person shooter video game "Destiny," is now set to be released in 2017.

"Destiny" is an online-only video game set in a "mythic science fiction" universe populated by Guardians, Hunters, Warlocks, Titans, and similar characters. Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, it was the first game released as part of a ten-year deal between the two companies.

The much-anticipated second installment was originally slated for a 2016 launch but was shelved to make way for the release of a new "Destiny" expansion scheduled for later this year. The delay in the release of "Destiny 2" was partly due to the fact that the project was undergoing "reboot" amidst staff reorganization at Bungie. 

Earlier this month, Kotaku reported that "Destiny 2" was going through some major changes, including getting a new director. According to the outlet, "Taken King" director Luke Smith has now taken the reins for "Destiny 2." The shift in directorship is, apparently, part of the organizational restructuring that took place at Bungie earlier this year.

"On 'Destiny,' we expect to deliver a new expansion in 2016 but note that we no longer expect a full game 'Destiny' release during the year," Activision CFO Dennis Durkin informed investors in February, as reported by Video Gamer. "We do however expect a full game 'Destiny' sequel to now come in 2017."

The new expansion Durkin was talking about has now been revealed to be "Rise of Iron." While reports indicate that the new downloadable content (DLC) will debut sometime in June, neither Bungie nor Activision has announced an official release date. Nevertheless, Express U.K. says that the DLC could be launched at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and become available in September.

During an earnings call earlier this month, Activision Publishing executive Eric Hirschberg said that players have been returning to the "Destiny" franchise, attracted by the new content and improvements to the video game.

"It's clear fans are hungry for more content than we have been able to create," he said, as reported by GameSpot.

"Destiny 2" will be available sometime in 2017.