'Dragon Ball Super' episode 50 spoilers: Goku takes on Goku Black; time machine destroyed?

Promotional image for "Dragon Ball Super" | Dragon Ball official website

Following the opening of the portal in episode 49, Goku Black will arrive and fight Goku in an epic match in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50, which is titled "Goku vs. Goku Black! The Path to the Sealed Future."

According to a teaser shared by Gojiitaaf on Facebook, Goku Black will suddenly emerge in the present and begin fighting Goku. As the two are battling it out, Goku Black sees the time machine. While the device is useless to him, as he is able to time travel using the Time Ring, he realizes that his enemies can use the time machine to travel to the future. By destroying it, he can make it impossible for Future Trunks to leave the past, trapping him there forever.

Will Goku Black destroy the time machine? Will he manage to trap Future Trunks in the past?

Even if he does, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 49 saw Bulma discovering Future Bulma's diary, which contained all her notes on her experiments and findings. Should Goku Black succeed in destroying the time machine, it may be possible for the present-day version of Bulma to construct a new one from scratch.

Still, it will be interesting to find out if Goku Black is powerful enough to defeat Goku and to obliterate the time machine.

Meanwhile, the trailer for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 shows Goku using his powers and attacking Goku Black. However, the villain manages to retain his base form and withstand the protagonist's Super Saiyan attacks. After several more attempts at defeating Goku Black, Goku is left wondering how his opponent managed to time travel. The promo clip concludes with Goku Black sending an energy blast at Goku that slams him against a mountain.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 will air on Sunday, July 3, at 9 a.m. on Fuji TV.