Evangelist launches decade-long campaign to convert 150 million to Christianity

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke appears in a screen capture of a video from Christ for all Nations USA. | YouTube/Christ for all Nations USA

World-renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has announced that he is launching a campaign to convert 150 million people to Christianity over the next ten years.

Bonnke, founder of Christ for All Nations (CfAN), kicked off his five-day farewell crusade in Lagos, Nigeria on Wednesday with the announcement of his ambitious campaign called "Double Harvest Decade," CBN News reported.

"In 1987 we first began counting our individually signed, salvation-decision cards and, to date, we have reached over 76 million souls," a website dedicated to the campaign stated.

"That's three decades of ministry averaging 25 million souls per 10-year span and we've been praising the Lord and giving Him all the glory. The Lord has now commissioned us to mark the next 10 years as the 'double harvest decade' and move forward to 150 million souls saved," it continued.

Bonnke went back to the African continent this week for what he says is his "farewell crusade," which runs from Wednesday, Nov. 8, to Sunday, Nov. 12. The evangelist is expecting about 30 million people to attend the five-night event.

The crusade, which is also a celebration of Bonnke's 50 years of ministry in Africa, will be complemented by a major sideline event called "Passing the Burning Torch."

As many as 500,000 counselors, 200,000 intercessors, a choir of over 23,000 and a security force of over 10,000 are expected to participate in the crusade. CfAN's lead evangelist and Bonnke's successor, Daniel Kolenda, will also be attending the events, according to Pulse NG.

John Darku, executive director of CfAN Africa, noted that the crusade, which is being held at a large venue in Lagos, will be live-streamed to reach as many people as possible. It was also broadcast on several Christian television outlets across the nation.

The event on Wednesday was reportedly attended by hundreds of top spiritual leaders from all over Africa and nearly 400 international guests that came with CfAN.

On Tuesday, Bonnke stated that his reason for choosing Nigeria as his favorite venue for his crusade was the "high presence of God" in the country. The 77-year-old evangelist also noted that he chose the country for the event because of its high population.

"Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and I am after people because the more the better. I can smell a ripe harvest as the Lord of harvest directed us," he said.