Ex-pastor of Cross Point signs on as president of marketing and tech firm

(Youtube/crosspoint .tv)Pastor Pete Wilson is seen here in a screen capture from a video in which he announced his resignation from Cross Point Church

Pete Wilson, the founding pastor of Cross Point who resigned last September, has found his new calling as a president of a marketing and technology firm.

The A Group, which offers consulting services to churches, ministries and non-profit organizations, announced on Monday that Wilson has joined the company.

"We are so excited to have Pete Wilson join our team," said Maurilio Amorim, founder and CEO of The A Group. "I have known Pete for a long time and know his heart for ministry, as well as the deep knowledge and wisdom he has acquired during his time leading large, growing organizations," Amorim added.

According to the announcement by The A Group, Wilson approached Amorim as a friend when he made the decision to resign from Cross Point. They both realized that they shared similarities in what they want to achieve in the future.

Amorim stated that the company needed a fresh perspective and experience that can only come from someone who has recently served in the ministry.

Wilson, who cited exhaustion and personal brokenness as the reasons for his resignation, also made an announcement about the new position in his blog. He clarified that his resignation from the church was not done on impulse.

The former pastor stated that while he was away from the church, he realized that he had an interest in entrepreneurship as well as a passion for the local church.

He said that he will be using his experience as a church leader to help other pastors and ministries.

"God allowed me the experience of a lifetime by being a part of Cross Point Church," Wilson wrote. "I now have the honor of taking all I've learned in my time there, and partnering with hundreds of churches and ministries to help them reach their full potential," he added.

According to Amorim, many churches are consulting with The A Group on how to reach the younger generation and how to adapt to the increasingly secular culture. He expressed his confidence that Wilson will be able to share some of the lessons he learned as a church leader to others who are now facing those challenges.



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