Facebook investigates censorship claim after receiving fresh complaints from Christian video blogger

Elizabeth Johnston, also known as "The Activist Mommy," appears in a screen capture of a video from her YouTube channel. | YouTube/The Activist Mommy Official

A Christian video blogger, whose Facebook page was suspended last month for her posts highlighting her Biblical views about homosexuality, has claimed that her page is still being censored even after the social media giant issued an apology over the issue.

Elizabeth Johnston, who runs the popular Facebook page "The Activist Mommy," told CBN News last week that her followers are still having difficulties in accessing her page.

"People are contacting me saying, 'I cannot access your page at all--my app shuts down when I click on your page.' They say, 'I cannot share your page--there are no share buttons on your videos' or 'I cannot like your page--when I like your page and I go back the next day it is unliked,'" Johnston said.

A spokesperson for Facebook said that Johnston has already brought up the issue with the company, and a representative is working with her to resolve the problem.

"We are actively looking into the issues that have been raised. Facebook is a platform for all ideas--we want people of all different perspectives and viewpoints to feel welcome to share their thoughts on Facebook," the spokesperson told CBN News.

Johnston's page was suspended for three days on Feb. 9 due to a comment she posted six months earlier, in which she cited Bible verses that described homosexuality as a "detestable" sin and an "abomination."

The comment was made in response to another Facebook user who accused Christians of hypocrisy for condemning homosexuality.

When Johnston regained access to her account on Feb. 12, she published a post explaining to her followers that her Facebook page had been suspended. However, the social media company also removed the Feb. 12 post and froze her account for another seven days.

After news of Johnston's account suspension broke, Facebook issued an apology, saying her page had been frozen by "mistake."

Johnston, who has more than 76,000 followers, said she understands that Facebook is a private company and that it has no obligation to uphold free speech standards. But she objected to the claims that the popular social media website is unbiased. She asserted that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is using the platform "to further his personal political, religious and globalist agenda."