Google Nexus 7 2016 release date news update: Device a no-show at Google I/O 2016; fans speculate anew about phone's imminent release

After the rumor mill had been totally convinced that the all-new Google Nexus 7 2016 would be unveiled at the Google I/O 2016 event on May 18, it resulted in disappointment for fans as the key event ended without the new Nexus 7 in sight.

A screen capture of Nexus 6P from its promotional video | Google

According to PC Advisor, not only is the Nexux 7 2016's release date unclear, but it is also sketchy if Google is even actually set to release such model. And in the event that the company will distribute a Nexus 7 2016, based on the turn of events â€” particularly the device's launch not happening at the major Google I/O event — the potential launch date will likely be sometime between late September and early October once Android N becomes mainstream.

What adds to the excitement of Nexus fans is that the new tablet is said to be budget-friendly relative to its predecessors, expected to not exceed $400 — a price that seems to not tally with the alleged specifications of the forthcoming Nexus tablets as per quoted by several online sources.

One report, for instance, enumerates the supposed specs of the Nexus 7 2016. It claims that the new Google tablet will have a 7-inch QHD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, powered by the Snapdragon 625 with 4 GB of RAM. There are also claims that the upcoming Google Nexus 7 2016 will have three variations in terms of internal memory. The smallest will be at 32 GB, the next at 64 GB, and the biggest at 128 GB, with a microSD support of up to 2 terabyte (TB).

All these are but unverified information and thus should be taken as mere speculations. Google and its potential manufacturers have yet to issue official statements to clear the air hovering over the anticipated Nexus 7 2016.