'Gotham' season 3 news, spoilers: Hugo Strange's monsters to change nature of Gotham City; EP teases Bruce Wayne double

Promotional image for the Fox crime series "Gotham" | Facebook/Gotham

The third season of Fox's "Gotham" is said to feature a Gotham City that will be irrevocably altered by the unleashing of Hugo Strange's (BD Wong) monsters.

In "Gotham" season 2 finale, Strange's monstrous creations escaped the Indian Hill facility in a bus driven by Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). The monsters, which Strange created under the bidding of the Court of Owls, who wanted him to uncover the secret of resurrection, were set loose on Gotham City, where they will be wreaking havoc in the upcoming third season.

"Gotham" executive producer John Stephens hinted at the outcome of the monsters' release, telling TVLine, "The nature of the city of Gotham will change."

As previously reported, several new villains will be introduced in season 3 of "Gotham." These new bad guys include the Mad Hatter, who was teased in a scene in which Strange was reading "Alice in Wonderland" and deciding which personalities he would imprint on his creations.

According to TVLine, another new baddie is a young female "who uses her sexuality to entrap men." No other details are known about this seductive villain.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Stephens also dropped the names of Talon, Solomon Grundy, and the Tweedle Brothers.

Talon, from the "Court of Owls" storyline in the comics, is an assassin out to kill Batman.

Solomon Grundy, a reanimated corpse, is speculated to have already appeared in "Gotham" as one of the prisoners at Indian Hill.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, also from "Alice in Wonderland," work with the Joker and the Mad Hatter.

The upcoming "Gotham" season 3 is also said to reveal the identity of the Bruce Wayne doppelgänger who appeared at the end of the season 2 finale. According to the "Gotham" boss, the other Wayne is "a development that is in line with all the other story we've been telling [in season 2], but one piece that we've kept hidden."

Den of Geek speculates that this Wayne double could be connected to the Court of Owls and that he could become the teenaged Bruce's new nemesis.

The third season of "Gotham" will air Mondays this fall on Fox.