Graphic artist who designed 'The Shack' novel says he regrets working on the book

(YouTube/Faith Words)"The Shack" author William Paul Young appears in a screen capture of a video from Faith Words.

The graphic artist who was involved in designing the best-selling novel "The Shack" said that he regrets working on the book due to his concern that it promotes false doctrine.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Dave Aldrich of Aldrich Design said that he became involved with the project over 10 years ago because he was captivated by the story, and he felt "honored" to be part of the book's graphic creation.

However, Aldrich said that he now has "deep regrets" for being a part of the project, and he apologized to the people who were "led astray" by his efforts to promote the controversial novel.

"WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? There are many, but the greatest being that it advocates what is called Universal Reconciliation or Universal Salvation. Meaning, since Jesus died for all then all are saved whether they believe it and receive Him personally or not," Aldrich wrote.

He asserted that the doctrine of Universal Salvation distorts John 3:16. He contended that the famous verse indicates that one must personally accept Christ as the Savior as a condition for salvation.

Aldrich pointed out that many will argue that the book was intended as a work of fiction, but he pointed out that the author, William Paul Young, said that "The Shack is theology. But it is a theology wrapped in a story."

He said that the novel led him to read books by other authors such as Rob Bell, Jim Palmer, and Brian McLaren. He recounted that he soon found himself at the edge of accepting universalist beliefs. "I thank the Lord that He pulled me back from that edge," he said.

The graphic designer noted that the novel introduced to him the idea of a loving and non-judgmental God, but he now realizes that God must also judge sin.

"The fact is that there are two inseparable sides to God. He is both love and judge," Aldrich wrote.

"The Shack" has sold around 20 million copies and has been translated into 39 languages since its release in 2007, according to Christian News. It tells the story of Mackenzie "Mack" Phillips who faces a crisis after his youngest daughter was abducted and presumably killed in an abandoned shack.

The novel depicts the Godhead as the Father portrayed as a woman named Papa "Elousia," who later transforms into an elderly man. The Holy Spirit is portrayed as a young Asian woman named Sarayu, while Jesus is depicted as a Jewish carpenter. Together, they attempt to help Phillips find his faith and learn to forgive.

Lionsgate Entertainment obtained the rights to turn the novel into a film in 2013. The movie has since grossed $54 million at the box office.

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