'GTA 6' release date rumors: 'GTA 5' sequel moves out of America?

Is "GTA 6" headed to London? | Rockstar Newswire

"Grand Theft Auto 6" hasn't been confirmed by developer Rockstar yet, but there are already information regarding the maps that will be included in the "GTA 5" sequel.

According to the latest reports, a London map will be featured in "GTA 6," which will be a breath of fresh air for longtime fans of the blockbuster video game series.

"GTA" titles have always been located in America or the maps were at least inspired by places in the region. In "GTA 6," Rockstar will reportedly change things up in a very big way and will literally test new waters.

This change of location alone is expected to take up years to recreate in "GTA 6." That does not even consider the size of the map planned for the "GTA 5" sequel.

Previous rumors suggested that "GTA 6" will boast the biggest map in the history of the franchise. A lot of work will be put into that, considering the rambling world in "GTA 5."

"GTA 6" being set in London won't seem all that shocking, especially since Rockstar has already attempted to go outside of United States for the open world action-adventure video game.

A previous report has stated that Rockstar envisioned one "GTA" game in Tokyo. They went so far in the development as to going to Japan, although the road system was deemed too problematic for the developer, scrapping the idea altogether.

If Rockstar is adamant in bringing "GTA 6" outside of the US, it might have looked for another location to feature following the cancellation of the Tokyo version.

Besides the possibility of "GTA 6" being the first "GTA" game set in a whole new location beyond the US, the "GTA 5" follow-up is rumored to make history by featuring a female protagonist.

With regards to the release date, "GTA 6" will reportedly be here by the year 2018. The latest it could arrive is 2020. Either way, it is expected to be a game for next-generation consoles.