HTC Vive release date news: Quark VR announces wireless HTC Vive; prototype set for showcase this fall

HTC's new Vive Pre-virtual reality system: an HMD with a camera near the bottom rim; wireless, handheld controllers (foreground); and room sensors. The camera captures enough information to provide an AR-like experience, enabling the user to see and interact with physical objects. | Wikimedia Commons/ETC-USC

After releasing the HTC Vive Virtual Reality (VR) headset to acclaim and sales success, HTC is now looking to take things to the next level by going wireless.

The award-winning headset has to be physically connected to the personal computer (PC) in order to function. However, with the help of Quark VR, the need for physical connections could be no more.

Quark VR is working on a wireless HTC Vive headset, and currently has a prototype, which is not entirely wireless yet but is definitely a big step forward and offers a much better by eliminating the hassle of limited movements of users due to the cords.

Quark VR will pull that off through a small device connected to the headset. It will act as the direct connection of the headset to PC sans the wire.

This instrument will be responsible for sending and receiving the signals between the PC and the HTC Vive with the use of Wi-Fi connection.

"Getting the experience to feel seamless through Wi-Fi, keeping in mind the inevitable connection delay, was a huge challenge, but we're getting extremely close to being able to show it in action!" Quark VR wrote in a blog post.

Discussing the inspiration for the wireless Virtual Reality headset, the company said that "We recognized the need of a wireless HTC Vive even before the successful platform was released."

"After its launch we organized a VR event that was free to attend in our hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria and the 1000+ visitors fell in love with HTC Vive. However, most of them were quite disturbed by the cables in their feet or above their head," the company continued.

A prototype of Quark VR's wireless HTC Vive will be showcased this fall. A specific date is yet to be revealed, but it will only be a matter of time before it is announced.