iOS 9.3 jailbreak release date news: Latest OS defense 'too strong' to break? Users may need to revert to older iOS versions

The latest iOS updates released by Apple seem to prove to several groups of mobile hackers that the tech giant is still more knowledgeable in the business. Ever since Apple unveiled the iOS 9.2 to iPhone and iPad users, a confirmed applicable jailbreak tool has not been released by any of the known mobile hacker groups today such as PanGu and TaiG. This would suggest that Apple may have finally outwitted these groups and succeeded in making an "unbreakable" system, The Bitbag reported.

Concept screen of iOS 9 | YOUTUBE

The habit of jailbreaking the iOS system is to alleviate to strict limitations imposed by Apple on the device settings. Some people may find the pre-existing phone system in their devices to be too strict, and they would like to make operating system settings to be personalized to their own liking. Usually in the past iOS versions, teams of hackers had successfully released reliable and fully functional jailbreak tools, only days after a particular iOS version was released by Apple. 

However, the tides may have already turned as the iOS 9..2 appears to be a huge challenge for the jailbreak designers. Due to this, there are fake iOS 9.2 and 9.3 jailbreak tools scattered on the internet and when clicked on by a naive iPhone user, a destructive malware content will enter the device and cause more harm than good. MobiPicker has reported that as of writing, there are no reported fully working iOS 9.2 and 9.3 jailbreak tools, and those jailbreak tools posted in some websites are more likely fake ones.

There is a suggestion in most websites that reverting to an older iOS version like 9.0 may be the best option if the user really wants his or her phone to be personalized. However, there are a few complications of not updating the phone's operating system, like some applications not working very well or at times stuck. The only glimpse of hope now lies to a partial jailbreak tool reportedly developed by PanGu and TaiG. A beta version is also rumored to be existing and a final working version of the latest jailbreak tool is nearly done.