ISIS distributes 'passports to paradise' in an attempt to convince members to carry out suicide missions

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters on their way to Raqqa. | Reuters/Rodi Said

The Islamic State is reportedly handing out "passports to paradise" to its fighters to encourage them to carry out suicide attacks as the terror group tries to maintain control of its self-declared capital in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The Syrian Defence Forces have discovered the passports, which contain scriptures from the Quran in English and Arabic, in newly liberated neighborhoods of the northern Syrian city.

The militants are rewarded with the passports to motivate them to carry out terror attacks by wearing explosive belts or driving bomb-laden cars into crowded locations, Daily Mail reported, citing the Russian TV channel RT Arabic.

The front of the professionally printed passport says "No God but Allah, Muhammed is the Messenger of God" and "Passport to Paradise."

However, the book only contains different names of heaven and hell in Arabic, and does not include any personal information about the bearer of the document.

The passports indicate that the owners will be able to go to heaven, but they are forbidden from traveling to hell. A number of sentences were also written in several pages to encourage the terrorists to carry out suicide attacks.

By distributing the documents, the terror group has convinced its fighters that they will have a guaranteed trip to heaven if they become martyrs. Brainwashed fighters believe that they will be greeted by virgins in paradise if they die fighting for ISIS.

The underground movement known as Raqqa is Being Slaughtered has confirmed that it has also come across the passports, according to The Sun.

ISIS recently carried out a bombing outside an ice cream shop in Baghdad, killing 15 people and injuring 50.

A new video released by the terror group showed brainwashed children as young as eight being forced to execute prisoners by shooting them in the head.

Meanwhile, Syrian Kurdish forces have reported that a new district in Raqqa has been liberated from ISIS.

Cihan Shekh Ehmed, a spokeswoman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said that the militia's fighters were able to seize the western district of al-Qadisiya from ISIS on Monday.

The SDF, with the help of airstrikes from the U.S.-led coalition, has been slowly advancing in Raqqa since the offensive against the terror group was launched in early June after encircling the city.

ISIS declared Raqqa as the capital of its self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate in 2014 when the group seized parts of Syria and neighboring Iraq. The militants have been suffering a series of setbacks in recent months at the hands of Syrian and Iraqi forces.