'iZombie' season 3 spoilers news: Good and bad zombies to hash it out in season 3? Liv and Major getting back together?

A zombie war may be imminent when "iZombie" returns for its third season. | iZombie/Facebook

"iZombie" season 3's airdate might not be set until 2017, but the production team is actively moving forward with work. Rose McIver even shared interesting details about the upcoming season.

McIver recently talked to DC Entertainment wherein she said the third season would be dealing with an entirely new storyline. It appears that much of what will happen in the upcoming season would be the result of Vivian's plan to turn Seattle into the "zombie capital" of the world.

In the interview, which appears below, McIver, who plays Liv Moore on "iZombie" said season 3 will see a battle between zombies who are out to destroy humans and zombies like Liv who have the humans' best interests at heart.

"I'm really excited that that kind of dynamic shift will kind of open up a bunch of other humor, I think," McIver said.

Nevertheless, Liv would apparently continue to eat the brain of a victim to discover the truth about the victim's killer. McIver likewise told Bleeding Cool that part of "iZombie" season 3's comic relief would come from zombies who will adopt the characteristics of the people whose brains they consume.

She also said there would be factions – Team Liv whose members' main interest is to save Seattle from the zombie apocalypse and Team Vivian (Andrea Savage) whose members' joy is on feasting on every human flesh they come face-to-face with.

As for Liv's romantic relationships, McIver has told TV Line before that it's hard to cast someone who might just end up dead after some time, perhaps alluding to her season 1 and season 2 boyfriends who both died. However, Major (Robert Buckley), Liv's ex-boyfriend, is still alive and now a zombie, too.

"It's a really complicated thing – she's grieving two dead boyfriends. It's not that easy to jump straight back in with Major. I think they're really great for each other, and ... they love each other," McIver told TV Line about her relationships with Major.

It remains to be seen if Liv and Major would realize that they are destined to be together and reunite when "iZombie" season 3 returns on The CW sometime in 2017.