Jeremy Lin news 2016: Charlotte Hornets' player asks fans to pray for 'global Christian revival,' especially in China

(REUTERS / Pichi Chuang)NBA player Jeremy Lin of Los Angeles Lakers demonstrates his training during a promotional event as part of his Asia tour in Taipei, Taiwan, June 29, 2015.

Charlotte Hornets player Jeremy Lin has requested his fans to pray for Christian revival in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and all over the world.

In an email, the Charlotte Hornets player told his online prayer group that God has put in his heart a burden to pray for Asian-Americans whose faith have gone cold and those in the three Asian countries who still do not know Jesus Christ. Jeremy Lin explained that these are the places closest to his heart.

"Please pray for global Christian revival. Specific areas that I feel God has put on my heart are Asian-Americans in the U.S. who are lukewarm in their faith, the billions in China who don't know Christ and Taiwan/Hong Kong," said Lin in his online prayer request. "I obviously care about many other places, but these are very near and dear to my heart!"

Recent reports have revealed an ongoing crackdown on Christianity in China, with authorities removing crosses from churches, and persecuting pastors who stand up for their Christian faith.

Meanwhile, Rev. Franklin Graham recently announced an international summit which will tackle Christian persecution worldwide. In his announcement on Facebook, the evangelist talked about his past conversation with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church about the situation of the persecuted Christians, Christian Today relays.

In light of this, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches united to release a joint statement advocating for more awareness of Christian persecution. The statement encouraged people to open their eyes and see the plight of their fellow Christians in the Middle East and North Africa, the report details.

Just like Charlotte Hornets' Jeremy Lin, Kirill and Pope Francis both believe that global Christian revival can be sparked by the present generation of young people. Their joint resolution also challenges young Christians to use their God-given abilities to proclaim Christ's message and live their lives according to God's commandments.

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