Jim Caviezel says he wants to work with Mel Gibson on 'Passion of the Christ' sequel

(YouTube/WhenTheGameStandsTallMovie)Jim Caviezel appears in a screen capture of a video interview about the movie "When The Game Stands Tall."

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel, who is best known for playing Jesus in the 2004 film "Passion of the Christ," said that he is looking forward to the possibility of working with Mel Gibson again to play the same role in the movie's sequel.

In an interview with Pastor Greg Laurie in August, Gibson dropped some hints about the possibility of a follow-up to "Passion of the Christ," which he said would be called "The Resurrection."

Gibson noted at the time that he discussed the project with Randall Wallace, whom he described as a "brilliant writer" and a "great director."

In an interview with the Polish publication Polityce, Caviezel revealed that the role of Christ was the most difficult thing that he had done, but he said that he wants to try taking on the role again.

"The thought of doing it again feels like a nightmare. However, when I come to a country like Poland and see the places of martyrdom and sacrifice, I come to realise that only love can save the world. The love of the Christ," said Caviezel.

"If The Passion of the Christ inspired so many people to do good, why don't we try again? I feel like there is a purpose in my life again," he added.

In the interview, Caviezel recounted that he stopped being one of the most popular Hollywood actors after he played the role of Jesus, but he considered the rejection as just another "cross" that he had to bear.

The actor also spoke about his Catholic faith and how Pope John Paul II influenced his life. He recalled that the late pope "always called young people to break away from contaminated and demoralized civilization."

He recounted that the Polish pontiff had encouraged people to try to live like saints, and contended that it is not impossible.

Caviezel and his wife had adopted three children who were abandoned and unwanted. He said that two of them had brain cancer while the other one had sarcoma.

The actor revealed that he struggles with his faith sometimes, but he noted that throughout his career and through the various roles he had played, he never forgets the name of Jesus.

He said that he considers it his duty to live in accordance with the Gospel each day and "give witness to the truth."

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