Ken Ham denounces Planned Parenthood supporter who made anonymous donation in his name

(YouTube/Answers in Genesis)Ken Ham is seen in a screen capture of a video from Answers in Genesis.

Ken Ham, president of creationist ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG), has denounced a Planned Parenthood supporter who made an anonymous donation to the abortion provider in his name.

In an article published on the ministry's website on Tuesday, Ham said that he was "quite perplexed" after he received a letter thanking him for inspiring support of Planned Parenthood.

"Because of my very public statements about this evil organization (which is subsidized by US tax dollars), someone who opposes me and the ministry of Answers in Genesis sent a donation to Planned Parenthood in 'honor' of me! I guess this person thought it was a way to rile us up because of our anti-abortion stand based on God's Word," Ham wrote.

The prominent creationist said that he was "disgusted" to read the contents of the thank you letter, in which the abortion provider touted its "commitment to reproductive justice."

"In reality, 'reproductive justice' means murder and making sure there is no justice for the unborn!" Ham exclaimed.

"Commemorating its birthday is a bit ironic. You see, while PP in our region reaches the ripe old age of 85, consider this: how many babies never saw their first birthday because of their so-called 'reproductive justice'?" he added.

Ham asserted that the donation was made in his name in protest of his ministry's strong stance against abortion and his ongoing public pro-life statements.

The same tactic has also been used by abortion activists against Vice President Mike Pence following the elections in November last year.

In December 2016, Planned Parenthood revealed that about 72,000 of more than 260,000 donations that have come since Nov. 8 that year were made in the name of Pence.

Earlier this month, actress Mila Kunis drew criticism from the pro-life community after she revealed that she makes monthly donations to Planned Parenthood in Pence's name. Some have called for a boycott against the bourbon company Beam until they remove the actress as a spokeswoman.

The actress said that she sees her donations as a way of expressing her disagreement with the vice president, rather than a prank against him.

Planned Parenthood performs about 320,000 abortions each year and receives about half a billion taxpayer dollars annually. It has reportedly spent approximately $30 million last year to elect Hillary Clinton and other pro-abortion political candidates but lost many of the races.

The abortion provider has been accused of being involved in numerous scandals, including the potential illegal sales of aborted babies' body parts, Medicaid fraud and failure to report sexual abuse of minors.

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