Ken Ham denounces 'secularist witch hunt' against 'Fixer Upper' couple

(YouTube/I Am Second)Chip and Joanna Gaines is seen here in a video from I Am Second.

Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham said that the article about "Fixer Upper" hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines is nothing more than a "secularist witch hunt" against those who uphold a traditional view of marriage.

Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan recently published articles which revealed that the Gaines family attend the Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas, where its pastor, Jimmy Seibert, expressed his opposition to gay marriage.

Ham wrote on his blog on Tuesday that the BuzzFeed article is a demonstration of intolerance against people who believe in biblical marriage. He noted that the reporter does not even have information about what the Gaines couple actually believe about marriage but decided to make it a big issue out of it anyway.

"It's nothing more than a secularist 'witch hunt' against those who may not agree with them," Ham wrote. "LGBT activists usually don't just want freedom for their view but aggressively try to impose their view on others. They're often intolerant and prejudiced against Christianity—they need to learn tolerance," he added.

"It's also important to understand that when a Christian takes a stand on biblical marriage and teaches against gay 'marriage,' that doesn't mean the Christian is 'anti' the person who is gay," he added.

He pointed out that those who disagree with the teachings of the Bible "usually become very 'anti' the person who holds to biblical truth."

The Gaines couple also got the support of David and Jason Benham who once hosted a show called "Flip It Forward" on HGTV, the same network that airs "Fixer Upper." Their show was canceled after a website exposed their Christian views about abortion, divorce, and gay marriage.

In an interview with The Christian Post earlier this month, David also described the articles as a "witch hunt" against those who espouse biblical views about human sexuality or marriage. He revealed that Chip was one of the first people to support them when they got fired from HGTV.

David expressed his belief that media outlets might go after HGTV's advertisers or other people associated with the Gaines if they do not succeed in shaming the couple.

Meanwhile, Chip has called on his followers on social media to respect the authors of the articles published by Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed.

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