Ken Ham: 'We are not alone in the universe'; scientists should seek God instead of aliens

(YouTube/Ken Ham)A screenshot of Ken Ham as he responds to Target's inclusive bathroom policy

Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham may not believe that aliens exist but what he does believe in suggests humans are not alone in the universe. So Ham advises scientists to seek God instead of non-existing aliens.

Ham wrote an article on his Answers in Genesis blog site on Monday, May 30 to share his thoughts on the scientific news about alien earth remaining elusive despite discoveries of more than a thousand exoplanets.

"Recently, much of this research has been focused on trying to find 'Earth 2.0,' a planet orbiting a distant star (called an exoplanet) that has similar qualities to earth," Ham wrote.

He added, echoing the gist of the research article, "But such a planet remains elusive."

The research reported that Kepler, a life-hunting National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) telescope launched in 2009, has spotted 1,284 new exoplanets with more than 3,200 confirmed alien worlds out of the 5,000 planet candidates and yet nothing has come out as like Earth.

Ham pointed out that this scientific news poses a big problem for those who hold a naturalistic, evolutionary perspective and refuse to believe that Earth is unique. This is a huge contrast to the belief held by the biblical creationists such as Ham. Ham uses the new findings to dispel the evolutionary theory, saying that if Earth is really not as special as the scientists think, then other similar planets would have managed to exist as well. Yet, Ham notes, these other planets are "barren and inhospitable."

He also addressed the scientists' underlying motive behind the search for an Earth 2.0 which is to "close the book on humanity's long-standing cosmic solitude."

"We are not alone in the universe," Ham declared. "We are constantly being upheld (Acts 17:25) by the One who created and upholds the universe (Hebrews 1:3). Instead of seeking for a twin to earth and intelligent alien life, these researchers should seek the Creator who loves them and died for them."

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