Medical waste disposal company cancels contracts with Planned Parenthood clinics

(Wikimedia Commons/Raysonho)A Stericycle truck is seen in this photo dated Sept. 3, 2015.

A medical waste disposal company will now cease from disposing of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood after it canceled hundreds of contracts with the abortion provider's clinics.

Stericycle, Inc., which has been the main medical waste service provider of Planned Parenthood, disclosed that it has canceled its contracts with more than 400 abortion facilities in the past few years, Life Site News reported.

The company stated in court papers that the contracts were canceled because its customers did not certify that they would comply with an agreement not to use the company to dispose of aborted babies.

The medical waste company has been accused by the pro-life group Created Equal of "enabling" Planned Parenthood to kill unborn children.

After Created Equal launched a project to expose the connection between Stericycle and Planned Parenthood, the medical waste company sued the pro-life group and its director Mark Harrington. However, the company eventually dropped the lawsuit after a six-month court battle.

In May, Created Equal wrote to Stericycle's CEO Charles Alutto, requesting information regarding the status of the company's business relationship with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

"In addition to complying with all laws and regulations, the waste acceptance policy clearly specifies that Stericycle does not accept fetuses. While your organization may argue that our policy applies only to intact fetuses, we interpret and apply the policy more broadly to include all fetal remains," Alutto said in response to the pro-life group's letter.

"Beyond our policy, we require supplemental assurances in writing that they (health care facilities) have licensed providers for fetal remains. When customers are not willing to provide this certification, we do not provide services," he continued.

Alutto further claimed that Stericycle has canceled hundreds of contracts with women's clinics since the company implemented the certification process several years ago.

Stericycle said that it learned sometime in 2013 that "some customers might be violating" its policy regarding the disposal of fetuses as medical waste.

The company was fined $42,000 in 2011 for illegally disposing of aborted children into a municipal landfill in Texas along with household and commercial garbage.

In 2012, Stericycle was also found to have been providing its services to a late-term abortion facility. The clinic was owned by Steven Brigham, who was facing numerous charges, including murder, at the time.

Harrington said that Created Equal will "trust but verify" Stericycle's claims regarding the company's refusal to dispose of fetal remains from abortion companies. However, he stated that the company will still remain an "enabler of Planned Parenthood and child-killing" because it still provides other waste services to a small number of abortion centers.

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