Muslims in Lebanon turn to Jesus Christ as they minister to Syrian refugees

Many Muslims in Lebanon turned to Christ as they discovered His presence despite the dangers that face them as they minister to displaced Syrian refugees.

The ministry leader of Christian Aid Mission (CAM) reported that many Syrian refugees experience a resurgence in harassments and that many Lebanese Muslims, too, started turning to Christ.

(Reuters/Jamal Saidi)Syrian children are seen inside an informal settlement for Syrian refugees in Bar Elias, Bekaa valley, Lebanon, January 6, 2016.

One unnamed ministry worker reportedly felt Christ's presence after he awoke at 3 a.m.

"His faith was strengthened and renewed," said CAM's ministry leader. "He is faithful in sharing Christ with his family and neighbors, and we ask for continued prayers for him.

A female ministry worker started five prayer groups for women and overcame her illiteracy by audio media to spread God's Word.

"She doesn't cease to share the love of Christ with those that she encounters, and we know the only explanation for how she can do all this is the Holy Spirit," said the leader.

He added that a local couple became missionaries as the husband devoted himself full-time to ministry. There's also a new Christian convert who braved the dangers in his hometown of south Lebanon where he decided to go back in order to share the gospel with the community's Muslims. He's reportedly meeting eight people every day in his house for prayer, where he leads a ministry despite the apparent risks and lack of funding.

"He is a fisherman with a heart for God and an eagerness to minister to his people, no matter how dangerous it may be," the CAM leader said about this new convert.

Two more ministry workers, also illiterate and who use audio media for evangelization, decided to forge ahead to the war-torn neighbor country of Syria as they claimed that Christ called them to go there to spread His name. They said they can no longer wait for the refugees to go to them and are taking action instead to minister to people who need Jesus.

"The love of Christ burns inside them," said the ministry leader.

A Middle Eastern Christian woman touring the U.S. this month told Western Christians not to pray for persecution to end in the Middle East but rather to pray for God to endow them with the spirit to continue as His witnesses. She claimed that many Muslims have since turned to Christ since the sectarian attacks against Christians including the Islamic State atrocities in the name of Allah.

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