'Naruto Online' release date, plot news: Officially announced for US launch; to feature storyline of 'Naruto' anime

"Naruto" | Facebook/Naruto

Good news for all the U.S. fans of Japanese manga series "Naruto." The "Naruto Online" MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing) game is heading west and its release is going to be next week already.

According to reports, smartphone game designer and publisher Oasis Games recently announced that the first MMORPG of the title will be made available for PC in certain territories in the U.S. The game, which will be published and made official by Bandai Namco, will be released on Wednesday, July 20.

Those who are interested to pick up the game need not worry about bills because the game is free-to-play. There's also no need to download it since it can be played right from the browser.

As detailed in Game Spot, "Naruto Online" will feature the storyline of the manga anime series, which means all of the nine arcs and more will be covered. There is no word yet on whether events from "Boruto: Naruto the Movie" will be included.

Nonetheless, players will follow the adventure of the eponymous hero and his mission of becoming a Hokage. There will be five new characters available, each one representing the elements Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Lightning. As gamers go through the narrative, they will be gaining experience from the various kinds of quests and gameplay modes.

Along the way, some of the popular shinobis from the series will appear. Gamers can recruit them to their team for the Combo Fighting System, which is described to be a little far off from what most people would expect from an MMO game. The game utilizes the placement of the gamer's ninja in order to make attacks with various skills that depend on a Bonds-system.

The game settings include that of the Valley of the End and the Hidden Sand Village. "Naruto Online" will be as close as it can be to the animated series as the original voice actors as well as the music and art from the series will be featured in the game.