'Naruto Shippuden' Episode 463 spoilers news 2016: Series returns to canon with Naruto, Sasuke vs. Kaguya

The backstory of Otsutsuki Kaguya and her twin sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, has finally concluded in the previous episode of "Naruto Shippuden." The anime series is expected to return to canon and visit the ongoing battle between Naruto, Sasuke, and the newly revived Kaguya. 

Photo: 'Naruto' Official Facebook Page

The previous Episode 462 titled "A Fabricated Past!" gave the viewers a glimpse of the historic battle between Kaguya and her own children. To recap, Hagoromo and Hamura finally learned of their mother's secret as she purposely sacrificed the lives of people to the Divine Tree. Moreover, Gamamura, the ancient sage toad, revealed to Kaguya's sons that the Divine Tree is stealing the energy of the land, and one day the tree will cause the world to wither. Also, Gamamura warned Hagoromo about a great battle that will ensue following the brothers' discovery of Kaguya's secret.

As Hagoromo mastered the Sage technique in just a matter of minutes, his brother Hamura was taken down by Kaguya and controlled his mind. As Hagoromo returns to their home to confront her mother, Hamura engaged his elder brother to a fight, which forced the latter to kill his own sibling. However, the energy of the sage was able to bring Hamura back to life, and together with Hagoromo, the two brothers faced Kaguya in an earth-shattering battle that lasted for months.

The previous episode also showed Kaguya merging with the Divine Tree to become the infamous Ten-Tails Beast. Ultimately, the joint efforts of Hagoromo and Hamura enabled them to defeat Kaguya with a powerful sealing technique, trapping her body in the moon. The soul of the Ten-Tails beast was split into nine, with one of them being Naruto's nine-tailed fox, Kurama. Meanwhile, Hamura decided to reside in the moon in order to be with her mother until the end. He claims that their mother only did horrible things because she was only feeling alone and scared.

At last, Black Zetsu's narration of Kaguya's past concluded, but the present situation shows both Naruto and Sasuke being drained of their chakra. The upcoming Episode 463 titled "The Unexpected Number One!" will see the continuation of the battle with Naruto and Sasuke trying to seal Kaguya once again with the power given to them by Hagoromo. However, Kaguya's power is still superior compared to their own. Also, Yibada reported that the episode will tell the story of Hagoromo's children, Indra and Ashura, which reincarnations are Sasuke and Naruto respectively.