'NCIS' season 14 spoilers: Bishop and boyfriend work closely together in new case

A screenshot of Bishop from "NCIS" season 14 | Twitter/NCIS_CBS

As promised, "NCIS" season 14 will show more of Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Qasim (Rafi Silver) as a couple after their romance was revealed in a Bishop-centric episode.

The synopsis for the upcoming installment, "Willoughby," teases that the couple will "find a break in the case together."

It is unclear as to what that will be all about, but fans can expect that "NCIS" season 14, episode 11 will give fans a better look at Bishop and Qasim's relationship.

The promotional stills from the episode show the two working together. It will be interesting to see how they will interact especially with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) around.

In one photo from "NCIS" season 14, episode 11, things were looking pretty tense between Bishop and Qasim. What it is all about, fans will have to wait until next year.

Bishop is not the most open when it comes to private things and matters of the heart so her friends from work and her brothers were left intrigued about who the mystery guy is. But now that the secret is out, "NCIS" season 14, episode 11 will flesh her out more.

This is no surprise as Wickersham revealed in an interview with TV Guide that Qasim will be around in the upcoming installments.

"Over the next few episodes ... Qasim is in them and a little bit more of their relationship is revealed," the actress said.

"You know how it goes at NCIS. It's not like we're gonna learn so much, but we will definitely get a little window into their relationship," she went on to say.

Qasim is the first man that Bishop lets in after she and her husband divorced. It was a tough time for her, but it looks she is once again ready to give love a try anew.

"NCIS" season 14, episode 11, "Willoughby," airs Tuesday, Jan. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.