Netflix removes explanation about gender from 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' episode

(YouTube/Big Think)Bill Nye appears in a screen capture of a video from Big Think.

Netflix has reportedly edited a 1996 episode of popular children's television show "Bill Nye the Science Guy" to cut out a segment that attributes biological sex to chromosomes.

The original segment of the episode titled "Probability" features a young woman explaining the role chromosomes play in determining gender.

"Inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes and they control whether we become a boy or a girl," the young woman stated while pointing to "XX" and "XY" refrigerator magnets.

"Your mom has two X chromosomes in all of her cells and your dad has one X and one Y chromosomes in each of his cells. Before you are born, your mom gives you one of her chromosomes and you dad gives you one of his. Mom always gives you an X and if dad gives you an X too, then you become a girl. But, if he gives you his Y, then you become a boy," she continued.

The young woman went on to say that there are only two possibilities for gender and compared the chances of becoming a boy or a girl to flipping a coin.

Bill Nye has recently pushed the idea that gender is a fluid concept and a "spectrum" in his new Netflix series "Bill Nye Saves the World." The segment from the 1996 episode of Nye's old show gained media attention last month because it seemed to contradict the idea that was presented on his new show.

A spokeswoman for Netflix stated on Friday that the online streaming company did not edit the 1996 episode and stressed that it was delivered that way by Buena Vista TV, a division of Disney, which owns the rights to the original show.

A Disney official told the Washington Examiner that the episode was likely edited about a decade ago when the company first offered the popular kid's show online.

Nye's new show has been praised by some viewers, but some have criticized it for being too provocative and biased.

Some critics saw the new show as an unpleasant departure from the old children's program, which focused exclusively on traditional and non-controversial science theories.

Nye recently sparked outrage for asking whether parents should be penalized for having "extra kids." The popular TV show host had also stated in the past that he is open to throwing climate skeptics behind bars.

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