'No Man's Sky' Release Date, News: No Word from Developer a Year after Receiving Awards

(YOUTUBE)A promotional art work of 'No Man's Sky'

During last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles, Hello Games wowed everyone with the unveiling of its "No Man's Sky," which was subsequently announced for release this year.

During the unveiling of the game, the developer already received a couple of awards – Best Original Game and Best Independent Game – plus a Special Commendation for Innovative Title.

The hype was built up and a massive following ensued. However, there is conflicting news as to when the game will actually see the light of day.

Hello Games was expected to release the game in time for the opening of the 2015 E3 scheduled on June 16-18 this year. But it now appears that the developer won't be one of the exhibitors in the Los Angeles exhibition. This puts in jeopardy the much anticipated 2015 release of "No Man's Sky."

The game is massive, with 18 quintillion worlds. The game will feature a procedurally generated open universe with players exploring and upgrading their characters and their starships. With this complexity, industry insiders say it is understandable if Hello Games needs more time to complete the game.

But the silence from the developer at this time is what's making everyone go crazy. Hello Games has neither confirmed nor denied whether it would release the game this year. What everyone knows for sure right now is that development is ongoing. Some insiders speculate that the game developer is going through some issues in the programming aspects.

On a hopeful note, Cyberland reported that "No Man's Sky" is poised to be released in August 2015 on the PlayStation 4 platform, while the PC version is expected to arrive in 2016. This information was gathered from a Play Magazine report that the game will be released within Q3 2015.

Going back to a delayed release, a recent tweet from GameSpot journalist and host Danny O'Dwyer suggested that "No Man's Sky" PS4 release will be delayed until 2016. Hello Games' silence is not helping at all, but there are hopeful people that believe the developer will just spring a surprise and release the game suddenly without the promotions and hype.

Meanwhile Microsoft has no regrets that "No Man's Sky" will initially not be released on the Xbox One platform as it is exclusive on the PS4 platform.

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